NCCS Crypto Corner

NCCS Crypto Corner

NCCS crypto corner will address the national requirements/ industry problems by funding final year project ideas in the area of cryptography.


The program aims to facilitate final year undergraduate students of higher education institutions by providing them financial assistance for developing prototypes / working models of their Final Year Projects (FYP) related to Cryptography in order to increase creativity, innovation and hands on engineering and development skills.
There are total 16 projects in total. Rs. 50,000/- of funding will be granted for each idea.

FYP Project Ideas

Project Ideas will be funded in following areas:

  • Study and implementation of linear cryptanalysis in view of a tutorial by M.Heys Memorisl university of Newfoundland.
  • Study and implementation of differential cryptanalysis in view of a tutorial by M.Heys Memorisl university of Newfoundland.
  • Implementation of Differential cryptanalysis of 3 round DES.
  • Generation and analysis of S-boxes of different order in Galois Field.
  • Homomorphic Encryption: Secure Telling and other processes.
  • Tamper proof, secure and reliable block chain.
  • Construction of Boolean function of degree 10.
  • Mathematical structures of S-Boxes.

  • Diehard cipher testing suite for block ciphers.
  • New directions in QKD (Algorithmic level)
  • Comparison of NIST finalized post quantum secure key establishment algorithms.
  • Comparison of NIST finalized post quantum secure digital signatures algorithms.
  • Implementation of ECC for different application.
  • Smart card and Post Quantum Cryptography.
  • Implementation of PQC on embedded devices in the IoT.
  • Threshold cryptography implementation for software applications.

Eligibility Criteria

  • • All Higher Education Institutions recognized by HEC are eligible to participate in the Program.
  • • Nomination of focal person in mandatory requirement for participation in NCCS Crypto Corner. Eligible Institutions need to fill nomination section of form for participation. Interested Students will have to submit consent form during registration duly signed by focal person of their university.
  • • Students must be studying in final year (4th academic year) of their undergraduate degree program of the Institutions.
  • • Student must be relevant to IT or crypto related domains
  • • Application of FYP can only be submitted via NCCS crypto corner registration portal.




National Centre for Cyber Security, Air University, Sector E/9, Islamabad


051-9153 653