International Conference on Human Factors in Cyber Security
30th September 2022
Air University, Islamabad

Organizer: Air University

Welcome to International Conference on Human Factors in Cyber Security

Newspapers nowadays almost daily report on security breaches, compromised personal information, and cybercriminal activities, and no country is immune from cyberattacks. Pakistan is not immune to these attacks and becoming an increasing target of cybercriminal activities, as the government, public and private sector organizations are increasing their presence in the cyberspace. That is why cybersecurity currently is one of the most important domains within applied sciences. The Pakistani government has expanded its digital agenda to prioritize the issue of cybersecurity recognizing the great importance of this field. Cybersecurity itself benefits from interdisciplinary approaches, yet the training of Pakistani cybersecurity graduates is focused mostly on technological aspects. A lack of university-enterprise collaboration as well as the limited role of human factors in university teaching and training are pressing issues for Pakistanis HEIs. Accordingly, to strengthen the links of HEIs to the industry in the domain of cybersecurity and increase the employability of IT students, it is necessary to have a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

Air University is organizing the International Conference on Human Factors in Cyber Security on 30th September 2022. Psychologists and cyber security experts from national and international universities shall be visiting Air University to join the conference to reflect on the importance of interdisciplinary research collaboration in Cyber Security. The conference will specifically highlight the role of human factors and psychological elements in cyber security to improve the students learning and to meet the industry requirement.

The event will feature keynote talks of faculty/ researchers from renowned international cyber security centers including CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security (Germany) and BUSBER - Bogazici University MIS Cyber Security Center (Turkey). Moreover, focused discussions of project partners and industry representatives shall be held on the human factors related topics. In addition, awareness talks on how to secure Erasmus+ projects funding and Gverman DAAD scholarships for faculty and students shall also be covered in the conference.

To participate in the conference please register yourself by 25th September 2022. For further details, please visit at:

Project Partners

Registration Deadline
25th September 2022
Conference Date
30th September 2022