National Centre for
Cyber Security

NCCS shall play a leading role in securing Pakistan’s cyberspace and making
Pakistan world’s premier nation in Cyber Security.
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IEEE international conference on Cyber Warfare and Security (ICCWS) is being rescheduled to October 20th, 2020 in Islamabad, Pakistan

The establishment of National Centre for Cyber Security (NCCS) has been commenced by Government of Pakistan in June 2018. The NCCS project is a joint initiative of Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Planning Commission. The Centre constitutes Research and Development (R&D) Labs in reputed universities of Pakistan which were shortlisted after the open call for proposals made by HEC in early 2018. After meticulous scrutiny in two rounds of evaluation, technical proposals from 11 universities of Pakistan were shortlisted. These universities were given the mandate to establish NCCS affiliated Labs in different specialized areas of cyber security under the secretariat of centre. It is honour for Air University that it is entrusted with the status of NCCS Secretariat in addition to the two affiliated labs in the domain of Cyber Crime Forensics and Smart Devices and Networks Security.

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Our Research

The Centre for Cyber Security makes strong connections between symbolic and non-symbolic computation, conjointly between applied and theoretical areas. It is based on solid mathematical modelling, empirical investigations, and experimental research involving development of secure system. It depends heavily on the core areas of computer science and computational intelligence. In this regard, the Centre is, perhaps, unique in terms of our commitment to both theory and practice in the field of Cyber Security. The Centre assembles strong research laboratories to conduct research in the areas of Cybercrime Investigations, Digital Forensics, Intrusion Detection Systems, Internet Security and Privacy, Malware Analysis, Critical Infrastructure Security, Mobile Phone Security, IoT Security, Blockchain Security, and Cyber Reconnaissance.

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We have been collaborating with many industrial partners and research institutes in the Pakistan and all over the world on cyber security related research.

News and Updates

NCCS Centre Inaguration

Federal Minister for Interior Mr. Ahsan Iqbal inaugurated the Centre on Monday, 21st May 2018 at Air University Islamabad.

National Steering Committee Meeting

The third National Steering Committee (NSC) meeting was organized on 14th June 2019. The agenda was to review the current issues, progress and research operations of the Centre and its partner Labs.

Progress Review Meetings with PIs

NCCS has organized two meetings with the PIs & Co-PIs of partners Labs to review the physical and technical progress. Third meeting is going to be scheduled in October 2019.