Paper Presentations

Tuesday 20th October 2020

Rooms/ Timings 12:50-1:05 pm 1:05-1:20 1:20-1:35
(ML & AI Aided Security & Privacy Solutions)
Paper 1: Cyber Threat Detection Using Machine Learning Techniques: A Performance Evaluation Perspective

Authors: Kamran Shaukat, Suhuai Luo, Shan Chen,Dongxi Liu
Paper 2: Robust Early Stage Botnet Detection using Machine Learning

Authors: Ali Muhammad, Muhammad Asad, Abdul Rehman Javed
Paper 3: Malware Classification Framework using Convolutional Neural Network

Authors: Mamoona Khan, Duaa Baig, Usman Shahid Khan, Ahmad Karim
(Cryptology and Cryptanalysis)
Paper 4: A Key Transport Protocol for Advance Metering Infrastructure Based on Public Key Cryptography

Authors:Hira Naseer, Muhammad Nasir Mumtaz Bhutta, Mohammed Ali Alojail
Paper 5: Secure Mobile Sensor Data Transfer using Asymmetric Cryptography Algorithms

Authors: Nouman Kabir, Shaharyar Kamal

(Embedded Systems, IoT and CPS Security)
Paper 6: Identifying Mirai-Exploitable Vulnerabilities in IoT Firmware Through Static Analysis

Authors: Zafeer Ahmed, IbrahimNadir, Haroon Mahmood, Ali Hammad Akbar, Ghalib Asadullah Shah
Paper 7: Lightweight Encryption Algorithm Implementation for Internet of Thing Application

Authors: Syed Jahanzeb Hussain Pirzada, Tongge Xu, Liu Jianwei
Paper 8: Elixir: A 128-bit Stream Cipher Protocol for Lightweight IoT Devices

Authors: Muhammad Umair Tariq, Danial Gohar, Talal Hassan, Ali Afzal Awan
(Digital Forensics & Steganography)"
Paper 9: Nondeterministic Secure LSB Steganography for Digital Images

Authors: Khan Farhan Rafat
Paper 10: An Efficient Forensic Approach for Copy-move Forgery Detection via Discrete Wavelet Transform

Authors: Rehan Ashraf, Muhammad Sheraz Mehmood, Toqeer Mahmood, Junaid Rashid, Muhammad Wasif Nisar, Mohsin Shah
Paper 11: Byte-Level Object Identification for Forensic Investigation of Digital Images

Authors: Abdul Rehman Javed, Zunera Jalil

Wednesday 21st October 2020

Rooms/ Timings Room-1
(Web and Big Data Security)
(Software Security)
(Hardware, Infrastructure & 5G Security)
10:05-10:20 am Paper 12: Vulnerabilities and Digital Violations in Software

Authors: Saima Saleem, Muhammad Sheeraz, Dr. Muhammad Hanif, Dr. Umar Farooq


10:20-10:35 am Paper 13:Web Server Attack Detection using Machine Learning

Authors: Mehmood Hassan, Aiman Sultan, Ali Afzal Awan, Shahzaib Tahir, Imran Ihsan


10:35-10:50 am Paper 14: An Enhanced and Secure Multiserver-based User Authentication Protocol

Authors: Sarah Naveed, Aiman Sultan, Khwaja Mansoor


11:05-11:20 am Paper 15: Improving Discrimination Accuracy Rate Of DDoS Attacks and Flash Events

Authors: Sahareesh Agha, Osama Rehman


11:40-11:55 am

Paper 16: Analysis of Fileless Malware and its Evasive Behavior

Authors: Shahid Anjum, Effah Wafiyyah binti Awang Mohd. Hanafi

11:55-12:10 pm

Paper 17:An Enhanced SIP Authentication Protocol for Preserving User Privacy

Authors: Asad Afreen, Moosa Aslam, Saad Ahmed

12:10-12:25 pm

Paper 18: S Automatic Yara Rule Generation

Authors: Myra Khalid, Maliha Ismail, Mureed Hussain, Muhammad Hanif Durad

12:25-12:40 pm

Paper 19: Cluster Analysis and Statistical Modeling: A Unified Approach for Packet Inspection

Authors: Sheikh Muhammad Farjad, Asad Arfeen

01:10-01:25 pm


Paper 20: Design and Analysis of Secure RoF Based Communication in 5G Fronthaul

Authors: Arsalan Ali, Hassaan Naveed, Farhan Qamar, Romana Shahzadi, Mudassar Ali, Nouman Qamar, Nouman Qamar
01:25-01:40 pm


Paper 21: Detection of Slow Port Scanning Attacks

Authors: Mehr u Nisaa, Kashif Kifayat
01:40-01:55 pm


Paper 22: Role of User and Entity Behavior Analytics in Detecting Insider Attacks

Authors: Salman Khaliq, Zain ul Abideen Tariq, Ammar Masood
01:55-02:10 pm


Paper 23: Hardware-Assisted Isolation Technologies: Security Architecture and Vulnerability Analysis

Authors: Fatima Khalid, Ammar Masood