Cyber Security Ideas Cup


Cyber-Security Ideas Cup- 2022 offers a platform to like-minded cyberpreneurs to share ideas on how they can play a better role in securing the cyber security landscape. This presents a great opportunity for students, academicians, and practitioners to exercise their creativity in helping solve some of the local/industry cyber security issues faced today.

- Registrations for the competition are Open Now
- Deadline to submit abstracts for Cyber Security Ideas Cup-2022 is 31st May,2022
- Deadline to submit Detailed Ideas Description/Concept Note is 31st May, 2022
- Final stage pitch of the ideas in person to the jury members is 21st July, 2022

NCCS invite start-ups, SMEs, ambitious students and young professionals from all over Pakistan to participate in solving cyber-security cases, as individuals or in teams.
Interested participants are required to submit the best projects in cyber security domains addressing the present day cyber security issues/problems.
Participants are required to submit a brief description of their projects followed by a detailed version, which will be reviewed by the jury before moving on to the final round on 3rd day of ICCWS 2022. The jury will look for innovation, relevance to industry/local problems, ability to execute and profitability prospects of the submitted ideas.

Participants can compete either as part of a team or as an individual or both. To register for the competition, participants will go through four stages of submissions.
Stage 1 – Participants will register online and submit their brief idea description in 500 words:
Deadline: 15th Feb, 2020
Stage 2 – Participants will then submit a detailed idea description (available in downloads) along with three minutes video (demo) uploaded on YouTube explaining the project prototype/working model of product.
Deadline: 29th Feb, 2020
The detailed description will be then reviewed and shortlisted participants will be invited to the finals.
Stage 3 – The shortlisted participants will be informed by 15th March (shortly) and they will be appearing in the final stage to pitch the proposal in person to the jury members comprising of security experts from NCCS and external organizations.
The contest will run from 1st February 2020 to 15th March 2020 with the final being held on 2nd April 2019.

Finalist of competition can look forward to an attractive cash prize, may get an opportunity to incubate, and a chance to secure seed fund from venture capitalists.

To ask a question, report a problem, or provide other feedback on the Cyber Security Ideas Cup-2020, send
email to:
call: (+92 51) 9153653

Submit Your Concept Note Here
(You will be required to login via any gmail account while filling this form.)

Below you will find some commonly asked questions and answers to help you with Cyber Security Ideas Cup-2020. If you can’t find the answer here, please contact us.

I saw that the Cyber Security Ideas Cup-2020 Final Round is an in-person event. Where is the Championship Round held?
The final round will be held at NCCS Secretariat, Sector E-9, Air University, Islamabad, Pakistan. Candidates are responsible for travel and accommodation for their personnel to attend if they qualify.

I heard about the Cyber Security Ideas Cup too late to register. Will there be a competition in 2021?
Yes. Cyber Security Ideas Cup will continue to evolve in future years based upon lessons learned during and after the 2020 competition.

My firm wants to enter two teams in Round 1. Is that possible?
Yes. Any firm working in the domain of cyber security can enter more than one team in the competition.

One of my team members dropped out after Round 1. Can I replace them with someone else for Round 2?
No. Once a team is locked in place, members can’t be added.

When does registration for the competition start?
Registrations for Cyber Security Ideas Cup-2020 are open now

I am eligible to participate in the Cyber Security Ideas Cup-2020, but I don’t have a team. Can I participate as an individual?
Yes. See Competition Details above. Participants can compete either as part of a team or as an individual or both.

Can I participate on more than one team at a time?
No. You can only be a team member on one team.