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Note: Last date of registration is 8th October 2021, 11:59 pm

Workshop Name:
IoT as the internet of threats

Organized By:
Internet of Things lab, UET-L

11th - 15th October 2021

9.00 am - 2 pm

Mode of Training:
Online / Physical

Targeted Audience:
IT Professionals, IoT Vendors and Researchers

Technical Content to be Covered:

Day 1: Understanding of IoT Attack Vector, emerging threats, security challenges

Day 2: Threat modeling for IoT Attacks identification & Mitigation

Day 3:Malware Analysis Tools/ Techniques & Technologies.
Day 4:Machine Learning for IoT Security.
Day 5:Firewall and IoT Security Solutions

Registration Fees:
Professionals: 10,000/- Pkr
Students: 5,000/- Pkr
International: $100

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