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Note: Last date of registration is 15 November, 2021
Workshop will be conducted in the form of tutorial so no laptops/systems are required from the participants.

Workshop Name:
A Workshop on Using cryptographic tools to secure your data

24th November 2021

2 Hours

Mode of Training:

Targeted Audience:
Professionals and IT relevant people

Technical Content to be Covered:

• Introduction Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptography
• Generate one-way hash value and Message Authentication Codes (MAC)
• Asymmetric Cryptography

Hands-on Lab
• LINUX Platform: OpenSSL Package in LINUX
• Windows Platform:
o GNU Privacy Guard (GPG)
o DiskCryptor
o AxCrypt
o WinMD5

Keynote Speaker:
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hanif Durad
Mr. Aftab Ul Haq

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