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Workshop Name:
Building a cheap and powerful Intrusion-Detection System: Enhance your Network Visibility

Organized By:
Cyber Reconnaissance and Combat (CRC) Lab

1st - 5th March 2021

03:00 PM – 08:00 PM

Mode of Training:

Targeted Audience:
Cyber Security Experts &Industry

Payment Category:

Total Payment:
Professionals- Rs. 15000
Commercials- Rs. 25000

Technical Content to be Covered:
1st March: Day 1: Compiling, Configuring and Deploying intrusion detection system

2nd March: Day2: Understanding your threat spectrum Methods for improving data acquisition from Mbps to Gbps Handling and transformation of network traffic

3rd March: Day 3 : Integrating application-level visibility in NIDS Optimizing and scaling signature-based threat detection Review of anomaly detection using advance machine learning techniques

4th March: Day 4: Integration of NIDS with SIEM solution Malware Information Sharing Platform

5th March: Day 5: Introduction to FPGA architecture and boards LwIP application development using VITIS Environment

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