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Workshop Name:
ML techniques for IoT, security threat prediction, and threat prevention

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Training Outcomes:
Understanding how to use existing Machine Learning techniques (Supervised,Unsupervised,Reinforcement Learning) and Libraries to implement make amachine Learning model.Design an ML model to distinguish between IoT andnon-IoTdevices.Understanding how we use machine learning to predictmalware and benign files. Understanding the development and deployment ofmachine learning models for detecting IoT DoS and DDoS Attacks. ML-specificThreats and their Mitigations” provides details on specific attacks as well asspecific mitigation steps used today to protect products and services againstthese threats.

12th September 22 to 14th September 22

3 Days

Mode of Training:

Targeted Audience:
The audience should have technical background and have basic understanding of Python language and Machine learning

Payment Category:
Students 5k
Professionals 10k
International $100

Prerequisite Knowledge:

  • Background knowledge of IoT and Non-IoT devices.
  • Python Language basic understanding.
  • Basic understanding of Machine Learning Steps and Libraries.
  • Basic understanding of what are Malwares and Benign files.

Technical Content to be Covered:

ML model for IoT device Identification
1. Overview of ML libraries used
2. Hands-on of ML model implementation
Malware Analysis usingmachine Learning
1. Overview of the tool and libraries
2. Hands-on Malware ML model implementation Threat Prediction
1. Extract features from binary file
2. Input that features to the ML model for prediction

Hands-on Lab:

  • IoT and non-IoT model Implementation
  • Feature Extraction.
  • Malware model Implementation

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