Research & Collaborations


Cyber Reconnaissance and Combat (CRC) Lab


Netspection delivers unprecedented levels of security while offering flexible deployment options that help you optimize network investments. It provides category-best security effectiveness, scalable in-line performance, and next generation IDS controls that take the guesswork out of security management. Unify network security management across physical and virtual environments, streamline security operations, and protect your business from the latest malware, zero-day attacks, botnets, denial-ofservice (DoS) attempts and advanced targeted attacks.


SIEM solutions are an important part of the data security ecosystem: they aggregate data from multiple systems and analyze that data to catch abnormal behavior or potential cyber-attacks. Netspection SIEM collects logs and alerts from distributed devices. Netspection SIEM, performs the network scanning to discover a live host available on the network and detects the operating system and network configuration.


Blockchain Security Lab

PKICHAIN Chain Solution

PKIChain is a blockchain-based certificate issuance, management, and revocation system to issue digital certificates for domain owners. It provides new SSL certificates, manages them, updates them, and revokes them. Every issuance operation happens with the consensus of multiple network nodes. Being built on blockchain, it offers transparency, audit, and tracking. Our solution is resilient against modern-day attacks such as tampering with centralized logs and records, denial of service (DOS), distributed denial of service (DDOS), CA power abuse, state-funded attacks, faulty systems or infrastructure.

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Internet Security and Quantum Technology Lab

Security & Threat Intellingence Platform

This solution provides security controls and in-depth Threat Intelligence at a centralizes location, providing interactive dashboards. With the capability of Asset Discovery & Asset Management this solution enumerates their relationship to provide better view of your infrastructure.
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File Integrity Monitoring

It is an internal control or process that performs the act of validating the integrity of operating system and application software flies using a verification method between the current file state and a known, good baseline.
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Internet of Things (IoT) Security Lab


Thingz Analyzer is an online cloud based service that Performs automated firmware security analysis and also integrates the device hardware analysis done by the team. It serves as a physician of your IoT device that delivers a 360 security analysis for vulnerabilities in both software and hardware.
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ThingzFirewall Lite is a smart home/office firewall that has been designed to protect all your internet connected devices present at home or SME.
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Innovative Secured Systems Lab

Automated Tool for Security Asset Classification (ATSAC)

ATSAC provides an organization a detailed overview about the security requirements for their assets and to prioritize their assets for security testing by providing them a detailed report.

ISSL-Testbed for Web Application Vulnerabilities

ISSL-Testbed is deliberately insecure web application used for training/practice and development of vulnerability testing tools and techniques in controlled environments.

Evolutionary Algorithm based Vulnerability Detection Tool

EAB-VDT is purely based on evolutionary algorithm (EA) to generate effective testcases for the following vulnerabilities and detect them in an adequate time.
--- JSON Injection
--- Cross Site Scripting

Software Testbed for Cyber Secured Smart Logistics Framework

The testbed is used to test secured smart logistics frameworks.

Smart Container

Smart Container is based on the integration of IoT technology with logistic modules.The container is used to securely transmit information of environmental parameters inside a container during land or sea transportation to ensure confidentiality and integrity of the transmitted data.

Supply Chain Management Application

A decentralized approach to a Management Information System (MIS). Keeps track of every step or movement of products by using blockchain technology to identify the origin of an item and tracking its path from its source to destination. Provides easy to use and modern interface for all stakeholders.

Pseudonym based Anonymous Chat Application (Chapp)

Chaap is pseudonym based anonymous chatting application focused on privacy and secrecy of chats. Chaap provided as a basic application platform for organization which will further be customized depending on the organizational requirements i.e., file sharing mechanisms, notifications system mechanism etc.


Security Auditing and Evaluation Lab

Operating System Compliance toolkit

The Cyberium Compliance Check is a security solution that gathers information about the current security controls deployed on the system. It allows the user to get in-depth configurations of the system such as Network settings, Countermeasures like firewalls, and other security mechanisms, User accounts, Cryptographic Services, Internet Access History, Logs of the system, software installed, Remote desktop settings and overall security state of the Operating System. The toolkit has an intuitive GUI which has been made while keeping the ease of use in mind. The report generated by the system provides both an analytical view for top management and technical nittygritty details for the security experts. At the end, toolkit generates a detailed user intuitive web and pdf report of the identified vulnerabilities.

Web Security Assessment Toolkit

The WebSAT toolkit is developed with the objectives of the assessment of web applications and the detection of vulnerabilities that exist in them. This toolkit mainly developed to detect OWASP Top 10 declared vulnerabilities. The main functionalities of this toolkit are scanning of the web application, detection and analyzing vulnerabilities, and generating reports for detected vulnerabilities. At the end, toolkit generates a detailed user intuitive web and pdf report of the identified vulnerabilities.

Firmware Extraction Analysis and Security Assessment Toolkit

FEAST is an automated novel toolkit to perform the security assessment of embedded devices. After filesystem unpacking, the proposed framework supports the in-depth security analysis of executable firmware binaries to detect vulnerabilities. For serving the purpose, a mechanism has been defined using the static and code analysis. The main functionalities of toolkit are firmware extraction, firmware unpacking, filesystem extraction, and vulnerability reporting. At the end, toolkit generates a detailed user intuitive web and pdf report of the identified vulnerabilities.

Air University

National Cybercrime Forensics Lab


Forecover is created especially for data recovery purpose, using careful reconstruction of file system containing loss files which were deleted during the event, without meddling of original data.


FORKIT is a computer forensics toolkit that helps in analyzing the forensics evidences acquired from the potentially compromised system by scanning the file structure and place them into separate categories, for further detailed analysis.


Desktop based android phone forensics solution is developed that can extract, analyse, and present the android phone forensics analysis in the court of law.


SaaS based analyser, that can access major social media sites, extracts data, perform artificial based analysis, and presents comprehensive graphical reports.
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Air University

Devices and Network Security Lab


Mobile Device Management Software that enables you to secure and manage all the mobile devices.


Enhanced customized OS, introduced as the customization of AOSP with security enhancements, layers, and privacy controls.


Easy way to manage, visualize and prioritize network security alerts. Real-time view of all network connections, system activities, and user interactions.


Actively detects any malicious activity that is occurring inside the network. It continuously monitors the traffic flow across the network and correspondingly reports events and alerts on a real-time basis in the web-based GUI.
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