Academic Patners

Bahria University
Cyber Reconnaissance and Combat (CRC) Lab

The Cyber Reconnaissance and Combat (CRC) Lab will focus on development of indigenous IDS software that can monitor and raise alarms in case of cyber-attacks. The CRC lab will design a hardware prototype of IDS that would serve as a proof of concept. The FPGA based implementation of a complex IDS is extremely challenging task that shall require considerable time and effort. Over all the application domains of the IDS shall consist of the following

  • Database Designing & Pre-processing
  • IDS Core Functionalities
  • Multicore System Implementation & Integration
  • Hardware Prototyping

Our People

Our core members and reserchers are academics, developers, administrators and MS/PhD students. Our industrial partners are public and private cyber security organizations that advise us on the design, implementation and commercialization of the R&D work originating from our Lab.

Core Members
Principle Investigator/Director

The Lab is managed by a Principle Investigator (PI) and three Co-PIs
who are leading one research project each with the support of project team leads.

Dr. Muhammad Najam-ul-Islam

Principal Investigator

Dr. Kashif Naseer

Co-Principal Investigator
Database & Pre-Procesing

Dr. Nazir Malik

Co-Principal Investigator
IDS Core Function

Dr. Faisal Bashir

Co-Principal Investigator
Multi-Core System Design

Dr. Atif Raza Jafri

Co-Principal Investigator
Hardware Prototyping