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Innovative Secured Systems Lab

Security Testing

The goal of this application area is to enhance the security of web applications and services against cyber-attacks. In particular, we aim to develop security testing tools that will cover the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities. The lack of effective testing techniques and tools is one of the main reasons that vulnerabilities remain undetected in web based systems. Labwill develop testing techniques and tools to discover multiple vulnerabilities in such systems. We plan to use novel testing techniques (e.g., search-based testing) for detection of vulnerabilities.

Secured IoT Devices

This part of the lab would enable the deployment of cutting-edge scientific concepts and IoT based devices for the attainment of various economic and developmental goals. The utilization of IoT devices for monitoring of goods during conveyance is of paramount importance for ensuring the delivery of articles in good shape. Such kind of data is related to the condition, location, quantity and value of goods. However, such type of remote monitoring systems not only possess communication and mobile networking challenges, but also the protection of this immensely valuable data is a very complicated task. This process of achieving secure IoT communications requires acquaintance with the peculiarities of IoT based communication as well as an awareness of the innovative features of mobile networks along with careful design of the system.

Blockchain Security

This part will of the lab will focus on research and development of a framework for blockchain based web and mobile applications for both indigenous and international (cutting edge) technologies,formal modelling and verification framework for blockchian technologies and protocols and developing an efficient and cost effective algorithm and protocol for consensus problem in blockchain technologies.

Our People

Our core members and researchers are academics, developers, administrators and MS/PhD students. Our industrial partners are public and private cyber security organizations that advise us on the design, implementation and commercialization of the R&D work originating from our Lab.

Core Members
Principle Investigator/Director

The Lab is managed by a Principle Investigator (PI) and three Co-PIs
who are leading one research project each with the support of project team leads.

Dr. Sadeeq Jan

Principal Investigator
Co-PI Security Testing

Dr. Naveed Ahmad

Co-Principal Investigator
Provable Security For Blockchain Technologies

Dr. Salman Ahmed

Co-Principal Investigator
Secured IoT Devices