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NED Karachi
Internet Security
and Quantum Technology Lab

End Point Security

This will include operating system, memory, application and data security of PCs, mobile, servers used by individuals from malware. This has very vast scope due to variety and associated vulnerabilities in end point systems used by individuals and all corporate sector include government, transport, medical, travel, entertainment etc. Critical Infrastructure Security: Some online or offline end point systems can be classified as critical infrastructure due to their reliability and availability requirements. These services include banking, cyber connected power grid, control systems of nuclear power plants and critical cyber and communication services used by defence sector.

Internet Security

Early DOS and DDOS detection and prevention to ensure Cyber Security of government and corporate sector of Pakistan. Enhancing Cloud Security and resolving trust issues on Cloud so that Pakistan’s government and private sector can utilize the benefits of cloud computing with no security and privacy concerns. Development of regional’s and Pakistan’s Internet traffic and security archive for security profiling and uncovering the hidden malware and features and properties of Internet traffic. This security archive will globally increase Pakistan’s footprint in security.

Digital Forensics

Whether the computer forensic examiner investigates the evidence in his lab or he works directly at the crime scene, he needs a lot of tools and a well-prepared location to go, through analysis and fully investigate the digital evidence. This prepared location, the Computer Forensics Lab, must be equipped with the all needed tools and hardware to analyze, identify, preserve, recover, and present facts and opinions about the information at hand. The application domain of forensics will cover aspects related to endpoints and Internet systems.

Quantum Technology

As quantum information is an emerging technology and compared to the advanced countries of the world there is negligible research going on in the country. We aim to not only promote knowledge, research and expertise in this area but also provide security in communication, specifically to government and private sector organizations and generally to all the citizens of the country. As a result of this lab it will become possible for the country to utilize the latest quantum key distribution technology at affordable cost by manufacturing it indigenously. Secure and sustainable communication infrastructure is one of the main national security needs, as it will enhance the security and reliability of national communication infrastructure.

Our People

Our core members and researchers are academics, developers, administrators and MS/PhD students. Our industrial partners are public and private cyber security organizations that advise us on the design, implementation and commercialization of the R&D work originating from our Lab.

Core Members
Principle Investigator/Director

The Lab is managed by a Principle Investigator (PI) and three Co-PIs
who are leading one research project each with the support of project team leads.

Dr.Muhammad Asad Arfeen

Principal Investigator
CO-PI End Point Security

Dr. Syed Abbas Ali

Co-Principal Investigator
Internet Security

Dr. Saad Qasim Khan

Co-Principal Investigator
Digital Forensics

Dr. Muhammad Mubashir Khan

Co-Principal Investigator
Quantum Security