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UET Taxila
Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Lab

The proposed Cyber Security lab will focus on development a high speed deep packet inspection (DPI) engine. Based on high speed packet access, packet flow identification, protocol classification and high speed pattern matching services provided by DPI Core engine, This will contain two extension cores that include IP Data Record (IPDRs) generation and provisioning engine and context-aware contents extraction engine for L-7 protocols.
These two packet processing engines along with DPI core engine can be used to develop different Cyber Security applications like high speed IPDR analytics for quick threat identification, link analysis to identify communication relationships and traffic behaviour analysis or L-7 protocol based comprehensive contents analysis for development of IDS, URL filtering, lawful interception and other Cyber Security applications as elaborated. Over all the application domains shall consist of the following:

  • Protocol- Aware Contents Extraction Engine
  • IPDR Generation Engine
  • High Speed Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Engine

Our People

Our core members and researchers are academics, developers, administrators and MS/PhD students. Our industrial partners are public and private cyber security organizations that advise us on the design, implementation and commercialization of the R&D work originating from our Lab.

Core Members
Principle Investigator/Director

The Lab is managed by a Principle Investigator (PI) and three Co-PIs
who are leading one research project each with the support of project team leads.

Dr. Adeel Akram

Principal Investigator

Dr. Anees Akram

Co-Principal Investigator
Protocol- Aware Contents Extraction Engine

Dr. Muhammad Asrar Ashraf

Co-Principal Investigator
IPDR Generation Engine

Dr. Nadeem Yousaf

Co-Principal Investigator
High Speed Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Engine